Decorating Tips Using Floating Shelves In Your Dining Room

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When it comes to modern dining room design ideas, floating shelves are becoming the latest trend in many family homes. And if this is what you are thinking of having in your dining room during the renovation, then you must understand if it is the right choice for you. Remember that shelves do no only serve as a place in your dining room where you put objects that you regularly use. But it also reflects your personality and your style.

So if you are still considering whether to have a floating shelve or not, then here are some tips for you before your dining room renovation with your chosen kitchen manufacturing company:

Matches Any Culinary Themes

What’s good about floating shelves is that it easily matches any dining room theme. If you want to achieve a welcoming ambiance that evokes memories of good food and company, then you can have a couple of floating shelves in the room and fill it with food items. It can be both useful and beautiful at the same time.

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You can have cookbooks and other decorative items on your floating shelves. Or you can also place color-coordinated jars and fill it up with pasta, beans, and spices. It would also be beautiful to have a bowl of fruits to give it a pop of color. If you have bottles of wine and liquor, you can use these floating shelves as a decorative and functional drink station.

Using Floating Shelves As Decoration

If you want to use these floating shelves specifically for decorative reasons, then you can put large candles holders and candles. Make sure that the sizes are uniform as those on your dining table. It is a perfect setting for an intimate dinner with family and friends.

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Other than that, you can also use other traditional decors like plants. A beautiful floral arrangement on your floating shelves can give the room a cozy and country-style feel. Do not limit yourself to the objects that you can place on your shelves.

Floating Shelves From Cantilever

A dining room needs to be a functional and decorative part of your home too. It is not enough that you have tables and chairs. If you want your dining room to be inviting, you need to add a little bit of attitude to its decoration. So if you’re going to make the most out of your floating shelves, make sure that they are not only there for decorative purposes. They should also be functional.

To get this done, get your floating shelves from a trusted source. Finding a kitchen manufacturing company that you can trust is a challenge. One of the most trusted names in Australia is Cantilever. The company is focused on the kitchen design quality, which makes them stand out from their competitors.


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