Add Charm To Your Home

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Whether you are moving into a new home or thinking of ways to make your old one look more interesting, there are innumerable tips and tricks that could actually transform a very basic room into something that could get your guests gushing about it.¬† And if you’re too busy and occupied with work or some other endeavor, you can hire an expert in interior design Melbourne who can either work with what you have in mind or pleasantly surprise you by turning your home into a work of art.

Add Charm To Your Home

Take a peek at some ideas that can spruce up your home without too much of an effort.

Relive your travels

Traveling is one of the most unrivaled experiences you can ever have. Instead of just browsing through photos and trying to remember those precious moments, why not have a piece of every place you’ve been into your home? An artfully framed fan from Japan perhaps, or a unique flea market finds from Paris. You pass by them in the hallway and you are transported back to the sights and sounds of those wonderful places all over again.

Decorative storage space

Floating and open shelves can showcase your collections in the most attractive way. Their simplicity would make the finest background to your unique and lovely knick-knacks, books or picture frames. You can play around with the arrangements and let your artistic side shine through. And what’s more, it helps in organizing your clutter and affords you some storage space.

Bring in some plants

The addition of plants to a room instantly alters its ambiance. Depending on the variety of greens or the pots you grow them in, your room can take on a romantic, exotic or even a playful mood. Plants have a positive effect on your well-being as they purify the air in the room where they are located and are known to lift one’s spirit. Green thumbs are not a prerequisite, there are a lot of low maintenance varieties you can choose from, there are even those which are said to thrive on neglect.

Light it up

The right lighting could make just about anything look appealing. Strategically place them to highlight a painting or installation or to create drama with silhouettes and shadows by backlighting. For a more cozy feel, forget those over bright overhead lights and go for scones or pretty lamps. Having a dinner for two? Bring out those scented candles.

The less, the better

Too many pieces of furniture and decorative items can make any room look smaller. Bring about a roomy and relaxing atmosphere by designing a room that contains mostly the essentials. Decorative objects should be spare as they only serve as accents. Too many of them will lend a stifling feel to the room and carries the probability that the particularly special artwork you wanted to draw  attention to would go unnoticed.


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