How to Disassemble Furniture Before Moving – Best Advice from Experts

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If you’re wondering how to pack up and move to another state, you may have already stumbled upon the more challenging parts of planning a move. Namely, moving entire houses or offices can often be a huge hassle due to the many moving pieces, breakable parts or sheer size of some items. Moving bigger furniture out of the building through narrow doorways, steep stairs, or constricted spaces can be dangerous or nearly impossible. Even though most items can be transported just fine without taking them apart, the entire process becomes much easier on you if you do.

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Considering the potential furniture damage, as well as the risk of injury when transporting heavy, unwieldy items – APProMoving experts recommend disassembling the furniture whenever you can. After all, the cheapest way to move furniture long distance is to dismantle it.

So here are some tips from our experienced movers that pack for you, on what approaches work best when you need to disassemble your items.

Getting ready

The best moment to start disassembling is right before you begin packing.

If you start too early, you run the risk of smaller parts getting misplaced or lost along the way. The cost to move furniture can get pretty steep, so make sure you finish before your crew arrives.

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If you’ve planned your move appropriately, leaving the disassembly process right before you start packing should be ideal.

Arrange for a few helping hands.

Hired hands are best, but friends are a close second. Depending on what you’re disassembling, you might need to apply force from two sides or lift something. That will also speed up the entire process, which will make it more pleasant.

Make sure you have the necessary tools before you get started.

In some cases, you will need special tools designed for particular pieces of furniture. Make sure to check you’ve got everything ready before the time comes, and else you run the risk of running late. Don’t forget about Ziploc bags for storing smaller pieces.

Get a hold of the instructions.

Those should tell you which tools you might need. If you don’t own the physical copies anymore, you can search for them online.

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Instructions can often be found by looking up your items’ distinct name, usually placed on the underside or imprinted very finely on the surface.

The process

Take stock of what needs doing.

Depending on size, disassembling time can take longer as well. If time is limited and you’re in a rush, your best bet is disassembling smaller to medium pieces. Other furniture, can either be stacked or fit boxes underneath itself, making disassembly unnecessary.

Start by measuring your furniture.

By measuring the individual parts, you can decide which sections to keep together and which need disassembly. That will depend on the size of your doors and hallways, as well as the furniture itself.

Find the necessary attachment points and start unscrewing.

Try following all the instructions and remember that upholstery will cover some points, and you will have to reveal them first.

Be careful with smaller parts

These are integral when you reassemble your items, so make sure to store them safely in Ziploc bags. Ideally, these will be labeled with a marker – in order not to get anything mixed up.

The best way to disassemble furniture

When moving furniture across the country, your best bet is relying on experts. That’s the safest way – even with the best advice, most first attempts fall short of perfection. If you need your belongings disassembled quickly and efficiently, feel free to get a free estimate for moving furniture from our experts and go from there. We can guarantee the integrity of your items, fast reassembly and an easier time for you.


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