Signs Your Roof Requires Repair

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It would be best if you remembered that the average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is approximately twenty years. Of course, everything depends on your roof type, meaning you can increase its durability by conducting regular maintenance.

Requires Repair

When taking care of your roof, you do not have to replace it too often. Besides, you can save money on electric bills and ensure your household’s curb appeal. It is vital to understand the common signs that will help you determine when you should repair it.

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The easiest way to handle your roof is through regular maintenance, which is essential to remember. In the further article, we wish to explore different signs you should consider before calling a roofing contractor.

1.Water Leaks

The most significant signs you should call a roofing contractor are water damage and leaking issues. Remember, they can happen anytime, especially if you have a hole, failing issues, or damaged flashing. Generally, leaks are dangerous because they can lead to severe damage afterward.

For instance, if you do not handle the problem as soon as possible, the structure of your home can rot, you may have issues with a mold infestation, and many more. That will lead to expensive repairs because you may need a roof replacement, mold remediation services, and structural work.

Please do not neglect to fix water leaks because they can be dangerous and expensive for your family.

2. Sagging Issues

Another common sign is the sagging roof, meaning you should repair it as soon as possible. The process can happen when moisture or humidity is trapped inside, leading to problems.

For instance, humidity in your roof leads to rotting, meaning you should call professionals to handle the problem. Over time, sagging will lead to holes in your roof and structural and water damage, which is not something you should wait for.

Roof Requires

Although you can handle the process with a simple repair, remember that sagging is also a sign that you should spare money for the entire replacement. Check out this guide: to learn more about contractors before making up your mind.

3. Moss Growth

Suppose you have moss growing on your roof. In that case, you should call a company to remove it. Although small amounts will not affect the entire construction, remember that significant levels signify that your roof has humidity issues, as mentioned above.

Remember that moss grows in humid and cool areas, which can lead to severe issues with your roof. If you let it stay for too long, the next step is rotting, which is something you should avoid altogether.

When you decide to clean it off your roof, you should check to determine whether your roof has similar problems or not. If that is the case, the repair will not help you. Instead, it would be best if you replaced the entire thing. At the same time, you should ensure plenty of sunlight, which is the best way to prevent moss from growing.

4. Damaged or Missed Shingles

One of the most common signs of roof damage is broken or missing shingles. Therefore, if your shingles appear in the backyard or you notice small amounts falling, you should find professional contractors.

Although you can handle a few of them without any additional hassle, if your roof has hundreds of broken or missing shingles, the easiest way to handle the process is by getting a new one instead.

5. Damaged Flashing

Roof flashing is a material that connects your roof to vents, chimneys, and other things you have on it. Its job is to redirect water from the appliances and chimney while leading it away from your household and insides.

Without flashing, your roof will rot, and you will experience water damage inside your home. Damaged flashing requires immediate attention and assessment. However, if you do not handle it on time, you must handle more expensive repairs in the future.

6. Light Inside the Attic

You can check whether you have roof damage by entering an attic and turning off the inside lights. Then, you should check out for outside sunshine. If you notice small beams, it means you have holes.

Holes can cause severe problems, such as allowing critters to enter your home or, even worse, water damage. The best way to handle the process is by fixing the holes in your roof, which can be a few shingles. Replacement is another option you can choose. Everything depends on the severity of the holes.


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