Roof Maintenance Tips You Should Know

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Most people think of the various activities they need to complete around the house during the springtime. There are plenty of activities and chores to keep track of, from spring cleaning indoors to ensuring the roof is kept up during the winter. 

You should be aware of a few essential residential roof repair tips when it comes to your roof. You’ll want to mark these off your list in the spring, but checking in on them at least once a season is also a good idea. Find out more in the parts below. 

Cleaning Gutters

Clearing and cleaning your gutters is undoubtedly one of the most critical maintenance tips you can follow all year. You should be able to clean your gutters on your own if you feel safe up there and follow safety precautions. If you’re at all concerned, get your gutters cleaned by a professional a few times a year. You must cut leaves and roots and run water through the gutter system to ensure that there are no leaks or backups.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Branches are another significant cause of damage to roofs. Extensions should be cut at least twice a year, in the fall and spring. A single storm can bring trees crashing through the roof, causing shingles and caulking to be destroyed. Holding any branches cut back can help prevent storm damage and leaves from piling up on your shingles.

Check Shingles Regularly

You can also inspect the shingles regularly. This is critical for roof maintenance because it will keep your roof in better shape and prevents minor issues from becoming major issues, particularly after a storm or high winds. You don’t have to climb to the building roof. Take out your binoculars and check the area for any possible issues. Look for shingles that are missing, curling, or broken, as well as any peeling flashing. If you find any of these issues, contact a licensed roofing contractor to repair the damage.

Inspect the Insulation

Going up to the attic and inspecting the insulation is another perfect way to see if the roof is holding up. Proper roof insulation and ventilation will keep your roof in good shape, particularly during the winter. If the insulation is solid, ice jams will not form, and moisture, which can lead to mold and peeling, will be minimized. 

When Do You Hire a Professional?

If you’ve completed all of these steps and still notice harm, contact a professional. Attempting to fix roof problems on your own much of the time isn’t a bright idea. If you do, you risk turning a fix into a replacement. Professionals will know how to resolve the issue safely.


Roof repair should be a top priority if you want your roof to last as long as possible. The roof maintenance tips mentioned above will help you prevent expensive repairs or a complete residential roofing replacement


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