Guide To Choosing Your Ideal Articulated Ottoman Bed

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Ottoman beds are an increasingly common choice for bedrooms. There are more and more reasons to trust an articulated box spring. By its performance and its comfort, it is a product that can be essential to you for your rest. The ottoman bed consists of two elements that must complement each other: the box spring and the mattress. If the action of one part is not complementary to that of the other, your ottoman bed will not work and will be an investment that will be of no use to you. So what are the most important points to consider when choosing a good ottoman bed?

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1. The size of your ottoman bed

If you want your resting equipment to be articulated, the first point you need to think about is its size. The catalog of ottoman bed bases from Ottoman Beds offers different models, each with different dimensions. If you sleep alone and you need a single bed, you can choose the model you want, because there is no problem: you have all sizes at your disposal. However, if you sleep in a double bed, you will need a box spring for a bed over 160 cm. In this case, the box springs are presented in duo or twin format, with beds of more than 80 cm each. Only the motorized ottoman bed base has all the possible dimensions in its catalog.

If you opt for two articulated bases for your double bed, it is advisable to do the same with double mattresses. This way each base will move and articulate the mattress that sits above it independently. One of the great advantages of twin mattresses is that they provide great independence between one sleeper and another. In the case of an ottoman bed with two beds, a sleeper can adopt a position independent of that chosen by the other person. This is especially recommended if the two people have different needs in their respective postures.

2. Not all mattresses are always valid

A prerequisite for choosing your ottoman bed is that your mattress is articulated. Know that not all mattresses are articulated, so the choice of this choice marks the performance of your bed, what does a mattress need to articulate? The key to deciding whether the mattress can withstand the action of the articulated box spring is in its core. Contoured core mattresses are articulable, while rigid and non-contoured cores are not suitable for these beds. Which mattresses, depending on their type and composition, are articulated?

Latex: All latex mattresses are articulated: they have a flexible and adaptable core, which guarantees comfort and adaptability to the movement of the ottoman bed and the box spring. The latex core is adaptable par excellence.

Foam or HR: While not all-foam mattresses are articulated, they are an attractive option. Depending on their softness or firmness, they may or may not resist the movements of the bed base. In this category, special mention should be made of sanitary mattresses. These mattresses, with an ideal articulation, facilitate the movement and the care of the person who needs it.

Viscoelastic: As with foam mattresses, not all viscoelastic mattresses can be articulated. The viscoelastic mattresses with a profiled Visco core are suitable for this type of sleeping equipment. If the mattress does not have a contoured core, it will never be able to adapt to an ottoman bed.

Pocket springs, never. The mattresses that can never work in your ottoman bed are the ones with pocket springs. The combination of articulated box spring and a spring mattress breaks the shell, ending the useful life of your mattress. One conclusion is obvious: Spring mattresses never work in an ottoman bed.

Once you know which mattresses are hinged and which are not, you can choose the perfect one for your hinged bed.

3. Which base to choose?

The importance of an ottoman bed is not only in the mattress: the base is also essential. Your frame or storage bed can be slatted or upholstered. Both options are great for articulating your resting gear. If you are looking for a base that, in addition to being articulated, is elegant and gives a modern aesthetic to the room, the upholstered articulated base or the Argos model, will be perfect for your rest. The size is the key point in choosing your ottoman bed base. The motorized slatted basis is available in all standard sizes from the “Ottoman Beds” catalog, while the upholstered articulated box springs are only available as single beds, which can be adapted to the Duo format. If you’re looking for a luxury item and a base that doesn’t just articulate, but also massages, you’re in luck. The Does box spring turns your bed into a spa and guarantees total relaxation so that you can indulge yourself in luxury.

4. Ottoman Beds for your medical needs

If you have important and basic medical needs, you can also opt for a sanitary ottoman bed. The products in the Sanitary Range have a therapeutic bed base, prepared to treat a patient and with facilities for the practitioner, and articulated mattresses and protected by waterproof mattress covers. If you have a medical need that requires the sleeper to spend a large part of the day at home, the use of an articulated box spring prepared for the care and a mattress adapted to the needs of the sleeper will facilitate the daily life of the patient and his family.

Although physical needs end up being the main reason for using the ottoman bed, the benefits it offers for your comfort and rest make it an increasingly attractive option for your new bed.


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