Blockboards Make Better Shelves

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The very first question that arises is “what are blockboards”? In ancient Egypt, for the first time, blockboards were used to construct furniture for the pyramids by the Ancient Egyptians. The core of a blockboard, or lumber core, is made up of uniform strips of wood, making it a type of engineered wood just like plywood.

When it comes to making large-sized bookshelves or any other kind of home furniture, especially where the length is an issue, blockboard is always a good choice. The composition or the making process of these boards is one of the major reasons why they are considered to be suitable for shelves.

Blockboards are quite different from plywood in terms of composition. The difference between these boards and plywood is that these are not made up of layers that are glued together. A blockboard is constructed from solid rectangular blocks of wood, also called battens or wooden strips. The wood blocks for the blockboard core are all almost the same size, and they are placed end to end. As for plywood, layers of ply are glued together in an alternate cross bonded structure to form a sheet.

The advantages of block board over plywood when making shelves

Plywood sheets with considerable length will naturally sag down toward the middle; on the other hand, blockboards have greater stiffness and fewer tendencies to sag. This does not mean that they are stronger than plywood. In fact, they are only preferred when long pieces of engineered wood are to be used. Thus, if you want to manufacture durable and lasting pieces of furniture such as benches, partitions and long shelves, a block board for furniture is simply the best choice. It also comes at an affordable price.Additionally, the type of material must be chosen based on how much weight should be carried by a bookshelf.

The blockboards can be either moisture-resistant or boiling water-proof. They are seasoned in scientifically run seasoning kiln plants. In order to prevent any gaps between the battens, the battens are arranged in a systematic manner. As per relevant standards, regular tests are conducted on block boards to maintain their quality. A blockboard can be used to make furniture and partitions, panels, bins and racks, as well as interiors of portable houses.

These block boards as mentioned above are cheaper as compared to solid wood for making bookshelves or any long furniture for that matter. The layers are treated with chemicals which act as poison to termites and borer insects which make these block boards borer and termite proof.

Options available for Block Boards

CenturyPly Blockboard has the following options:

  • Club Prime: It is the most premium of the lot and comes with 25 years of warranty. The blockboard is equipped with ViroKill technology where the chemicals in the board kill 99.99% viruses that come in contact with the board.
  • Bond 710: This blockboard comes with a 15 year warranty and has Glue line protection against termites and borer insects. The board is also equipped with ViroKill.
  • Sainik 710: Sainik 710 comes with an eight year warranty and has a resistivity to temperature changes and variations in weather.
  • Win MR: This blockboard comes with a 5 year warranty and provides the benefits of hardwood but at a much lower cost.
  • Sainik MR: It is bend resistant and is termite and borer proof. The blockboard comes with a warranty of 5 years.


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