Using A Dirty Bathroom? – 7 Ways to Clean Bathroom Easily

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You can’t deny that the bathroom is one of the most used rooms than any other room in your house. However, if left unattended, it quickly becomes dirty & unhygienic for health.

But the question here is how to clean the bathroom and avoid it from getting dirty quickly.

Clean Bathroom

With this article, we’ll learn how to clean the bathroom quickly, other than floor cleaning products that make it look new.

So, let’s move on.

7 Tips & Tricks to Clean Bathroom

Wipe Down Surfaces Regularly

Germs thrive on bathroom surfaces more than anywhere else. Keeping them clean is crucial because they can accumulate toothpaste, hair, soap, water stains, and other contaminants. Regularly wiping down your bathroom surfaces is one of the most excellent methods to keep them clean and shiny.

You can spray a bathroom antibacterial cleanser on the surface and then wipe it down with a microfiber towel; that’s how easy it is. Do this every two to three days to maintain your bathroom clean and free of dust.

Scrub Bathroom Regularly

Preventing mould from growing on your bathroom’s tiles can be challenging. But there is a fix for this problem. Give your bathroom a deep cleaning once a week if required to help keep mould from growing there. Shower floors and bathtub rings can be cleaned extensively with abrasive scrubbing pads, and grout can be cleaned well with tile brushes. Alternatively, you can use an old brush to clean those tiny bathroom nooks. A toothbrush works well even in hard-to-reach areas to eliminate debris, dust, or mould accumulated in the bathroom.

You can often use the best floor tile cleaner liquid in India to easily clean bathroom tiles.

Clean Bathroom Glass Properly

Your bathroom’s glass surfaces, including the glass shower door and mirror, must be cleaned weekly. Don’t use any old cleaner on bathroom glass, and always ensure to use a good cleaner that won’t harm the glass itself. When cleaning the glass in your bathroom, it’s highly advisable to avoid abrasive cleaners or scourers as these are likely to scratch or dull the glass.

You can use basic glass cleaner once a week on the windows and mirror or spray a foamy bathroom cleanser on your glass shower door to clean it thoroughly.

However, suppose it doesn’t work correctly. In that case, you can use a tiny bit of bleach to a solution of vinegar to help encourage the limescale to come off. Always ensure that your bathroom is adequately ventilated and that you wear gloves to protect your skin when using chemical cleansers, such as bleach.

Top Tip: After a shower, wipe off the glass with a squeegee to keep it dry and prevent water stains. Your once-weekly glass cleaning task will become considerably simpler as a result.

Bathroom Sinks

Always ensure to clean & dry the bathroom sink properly after each usage to keep it clean. You can keep your hand basin clean, dust-free, and ready to entertain visitors by rinsing and cleaning it down after each use. You may keep a cloth and a spray bottle of vinegar next to the sink or in the bathroom cabinet to use every day to aid this process.

Never Avoid Cleaning the Shower Curtains

When cleaning the restrooms, people frequently forget to consider the shower curtain. This essential bathroom accessory is rarely taken off and cleaned but matters the most.

Like anything else in your bathroom, your shower curtain has the potential to develop mould and harbour a variety of harmful microbes. To keep your shower curtain clean, take it off and wash it once a month. If your shower curtain can’t be washed in a machine, just submerge it in a bucket of warm water containing bleach and let it soak. You can keep them in good shape by hanging them back after washing.

Pro Tip – Leave the shower curtain after bathing to prevent a humid atmosphere from forming and avoid build-up mould in the bathroom.

Clean Showerhead with Special Trick

Your showerhead is the last component of your bathroom that requires routine cleaning. With an old toothbrush and a descaler, you should descale your shower head. Alternatively, for two hours, you might soak it in a solution of vinegar and water (half and half). Use a needle to unclog any blocked spray holes in your showerhead that persist after cleaning as a highly particular cleaning technique. Although it can take some time, this is one of the most powerful approaches you can use. It’s crucial to make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated when cleaning, especially using harsh chemicals. You can use organic floor cleaning products that are free from chemicals.

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