Tips for Choosing a Plant for Every Room in Your Home

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Interior decorators often encourage the use of greenery in the home. Plants help to freshen up the look of any home, adding a layer of sophistication that no other accessory could provide.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of living plants, they provide several health benefits – starting with a cleaner oxygen supply. When you decide to decorate your home with greenery, you need to be aware of the decor of your home.

Plants require sunlight and air to survive but while some can grow with little, others require more. To this end, you need to learn about the different types of indoor plants available. This way, you can choose the right plants for each section of your home.

The living room

Your living room is a part of the home where you spend a lot of time with friends and family. Because of how cozy and accommodating the living room is, it gets a lot of traffic, and this is a good place to add plant stands and holders that make a statement and point to your design skills.

The amount of sun exposure your living room gets should determine the kind of plants you choose. Cacti, rubber tree plants, and philodendron are good options. For a splash of color, you can’t go wrong with begonias.


The kitchen is another area of the room that gets a lot of foot traffic. However, cooking requires that the surfaces in the room remain free and accessible so you want to be creative with the kind of plants you add.

Air plants and herbs require regular watering but do well in humid conditions, making them good kitchen plants. To free up counter space, hanging plants would make a perfect addition.


Your bedroom is a sanctuary – a safe space to relax and let go of the stress of the day. Choosing plants for your bedroom requires you to consider the health effects of the options before you. You want plants that can release toxins and reduce stress and anxiety.

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You also want something that requires minimal maintenance and infrequent watering. Snake plants, rubber plants, and spider plants are suitable recommendations. Crawling plants could also add a decorative element over your headboard or in another section of the room.

While making your choice, remember to retain an uncluttered space; one or two plants should be satisfactory.


Plants can take up space in any part of the home and the bathroom is not exempted. The temperature in your bathroom is distinctively different from the temperature in other rooms so you want a plant that can survive well in low light and warm temperatures.

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Ferns, philodendrons, air plants, and cacti are exemplary plants for the high humidity conditions of the bathroom. A potted plant on the window sill or above the medicine cabinet us sure to elevate the look of the room while providing cleaner air.


The indoor conditions of your home differ considerably from the outdoors. To decorate your front porch or backyard with greenery, you need to consider plants that can handle direct sunlight.

Put up an array of plants that give off a welcoming scent while beautiful the entrance to your home. What better way is there to make a good first impression?


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