The Hidden Dangers of Water Damage

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Water damage doesn’t only show on stained floors or warped planks, it accommodates hidden dangers too which can create significant risks for properties as well as health. Going beyond merely the physical damage, water infiltration may lead to structural failure which, in the long run, will compromise the stability of buildings.

In addition, still water serves as a home for unwanted bacteria and parasites, so the risk of infections and diseases increases. Without the electrical hazards, water may interact with wiring or appliances, thereby leading to the risk of fires and electrocutions.

Structural Compromise

Disruption of the structure components including wood, drywall, and supporting beams which support the building make the stability more and more lower.

Such instances, with time, will aggravate the ceiling sag, warped floors and eventual collapse, creating serious safety hazards to the occupants. Fortunately, you can easily get access to a Water Damage Restoration Long Beach company.

Mold Growth

Soaked wall and ceiling surfaces from water leakage provide exactly the conditions mold needs for proliferation.

Mold not only affects surfaces but also produces spores that get in the air, thus leading to increased risk of respiratory issues, allergies, and other diseases affecting especially to vulnerable groups.

Electrical Hazards

Water can produce electrical estimates, shorts, malfunctioning, and also fires. Exposed wires, wet outlets and water damaged appliances are risky sources of electrocution.

This really reminds us the basics; the water damage should be dealt with before encountering an electrical hazard.

Decreased Property Value

Because impaired water can heavily impact the forthcoming of a property, a building that is not repaired immediately can bring down its value. Home to be sold is shunned by prospective buyers due to stains, odors, and plain evidence of ruin in the home which makes selling it at a desirable price an issue.

This is bad for the homeowners as their ownership and financial investment is negatively looked at by the potential purchasers.

Pest Infestations

Pests especially termites, cockroaches, and rats are the main contributors of damp because they are species to which waters are prone to.

Other than creating further insect infestations that dampens the condition of the property’s integrity, these pests are also dangerous health hazards and unsanitary places for dwellers.

Health Risks

In addition to the mold-related health concerns, the damaged water can result in bacterial contamination as well.

Bacteria, viruses, and parasites cultures are developed in standing water which finds way into the water residents are drinking or cleaning with leading to gastrointestinal illnesses.


Unlike the aesthetic problems associated with just water damage seems to cover only the surface issue, however, it is much more than that, including structural failure, mold growth, electrocution hazards, reduced property value, pest infestation, and health risks.

The immediate and proper response to water damage is a must if we want to protect the tenement, soundness, and price of the property. Conversely, by ignoring or neglecting water damage the risks increase significantly, not only in terms of health and financial consequences but also by enforcing themselves to the homeowner.


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