Smart Use of Whipped Cream and Getting the Best of It

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Fruit desserts, Pavlova cake, ice cream sundaes,right now is the time when you can’t do without whipped cream when preparing sweet summer desserts. Fluffy whipped cream is also great for cakes instead of butter creams, which are too heavy for summer.

Smart Use of Whipped Cream and Getting the Best of It

Where she came from

The origin of the whipped cream is not exactly dated, but due to the simplicity of preparation, it can be assumed that it originated by chance. Old rumors are clear in this regard. According to them, the birth of the whipped cream was due to a running horse, which carried a container half filled with cream. Fast running, jumps and jolts caused the cream to whip during the ride. The first written mention of whipped cream comes from the 17th century, when the French chef Francois Vatel prepared in honor of King Louis XIV.

What happens when whipping

Whipping cream (commonly referred to as whipped cream) is obtained by collecting or centrifuging milk, which is the fattest part of milk. It is easily digestible and has a high energy value. Its most important feature is the ability to create a firm and bulky foam.

By the circular movement of the whisk, air is blown into the cream, thus creating a system of small air bubbles, which are trapped in a network of fat droplets, and thus foam is created. However, with longer whipping, the fat droplets come together to form butter. The remaining liquid is buttermilk. Although whipped cream is a calorie bomb, it is a source of quality protein, calcium, vitamin B, zinc and phosphorus. It works well for patients with peptic ulcer disease.For a speedy delivery of cream chargers you can order from a site like MrCreamChargers that does 24 hour nangs delivery. You will like the kind of whipped cream result that you will be having there.

What about temperature and fat content

Only a product containing at least 30% fat may be described as whipping cream. However, the rule is that the fatter the better, for example, the Meggle brand produces cream with a fat content of 35% and can thus be described as high-fat cream. But you can also find whipped cream on the market with a fat content of 40% of the Kunín brand. And for the preparation of some desserts, the so-called double cream is used, which is actually cream with a fat content of 48% and more (you can get it from Marks & Spencer, for example).

Always use chilled cream for whipping

The same goes for the tools – the bowl and whisks should also be cold. To be on the safe side, you can put the whisk and bowl for a few minutes before whipping it in the freezer. If you are going to whip fresh cream, remember that it must be aged for at least 12 hours at a temperature of 3-8 ° C. First, beat at low speed for about a minute, then increase the speed and beat the cream into thick foam.


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