Different Types Of Steel Buildings

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There are many kinds of buildings, and they are built using different materials. The most popular buildings are concrete buildings. They are strong and durable thanks to the strength that concrete offers and the flexibility that the steel offers. Now, there is a type of building that is solely built out of steel. In these buildings, other materials are used in a minimum amount. Steel building are known for their enormous structural and tensile strength. It is for the same reason that the highest buildings in the world are built using steel building constructing technique.

Different Types Of Steel Buildings

Making Of A Steel Buildings

Steel is generally used to make all kinds of buildings. They are used as a base material to provide support to the building. However, when it comes to steel building, they are made entirely of steel, i.e. both for internal support and external cladding. Generally, they are made by either welding the steel beams together, or by bottling the pre-made building compartments together. Both of these manufacturing techniques have their own pros and cons. Steel buildings are used for numerous purposes, and depending on the purpose and the size of the building, a specific construction technique is picked.

Types of Steel Buildings

There are numerous types of steel buildings out there. These vary on their architecture, purpose, and so on. However, the two main types of steel buildings are straight walled and arch.  These types are distinguished on the basis of their outside structure.

Straight Walled Steel Building

When it comes to commercial benefit, straight walled steel buildings are the best types. These allow the owners to make the best use of the space. Also, they are cheaper to build. Areas such as industrial and agricultural use straight walled steel buildings mainly..

Arch Steel Building

Identifying arch steel building is quite an easy job. Generally, this type of building has an arch type structure on the top. In comparison to straight walled steel buildings, it is more expensive to build and maintain, and offers less space. This design is generally introduced as an aesthetically pleasing element to the building.

Types of steel building are also distinguished on the basis of pillars or supporting columns. If there are quite a few small to medium size columns, the structure is known as multiple span. However, if there is one large column supporting the structure, it is known as clear span.

Making of Steel Used in Steel Building

The steel used in steel buildings are referred to as I beams, as they are ‘I’ shaped. These could also be made of stainless steel. Steel making processes, or in this case, forging stainless steel, is a complex procedure. Forging steel requires the heating of steel billets, and mixing of elements such as Zinc, Chromium, Carbon and so on. Benefits of steel are numerous, and all these little things contribute to it. Steel or stainless steel isn’’t just used in buildings, but also, steel railing systems. If you’re looking for a reliable steel producer, make sure to contact Hama steel. They offer not just high quality products, but also, good consultation service.


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