Make your home ready for sale with these tips

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Everyone selling their home wants to ensure they get a quick offer as close to the asking price as possible. While this can’t be guaranteed there are simple ways to maximise your chances of a smooth and quick sale.

Make your home ready for sale with these tips

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The art of presenting your home in a way in which it will appeal to the most potential buyers is known as home staging. Professional home stagers can be expensive, but you can do it yourself much more cost-effectively.

Staging your home effectively make a big difference according to a report by the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland.

1. Add Light

If your home has some rooms or areas which are dark or have bright colours, now is a good time for a fresh coat of white or neutral paint. This will immediately freshen and update these areas.

Another trick for adding light is positioning mirrors in key areas.

2. Tidy up and spring clean

Tidy up and spring clean

Potential buyers will love the clean freshness and putting everything away will give an impression of a home with lots of space.

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Clearing worksurfaces will also create a feeling of space and you can reposition some furniture to add to the effect.

3. Get maintenance jobs done

A home where everything works properly is more attractive to a potential buyer. Make sure loose hinges and wonky light switches are fixed to present your home at its best.

4. Tidy the garden

Outside space is valued by potential buyers. A well cared for space is inviting. Ensure lawns are mowed, beds are tidied, and garden tools are put away.

5. Define the rooms

Bedrooms that are used as studies or gyms can create the impression that there is no room for a bed. Make the purpose of each room obvious to your potential buyers.

Now is also a good time to start getting organised for the purchase of your new home. For a home buyers survey cardiff offers a good choice, for example This will ensure that you are ready to proceed once you find your new home.

With a little time and effort you can help to ensure that your home is presented at its best and that you maximise what you will receive, allowing you to invest more in your next home


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