Composite Decking: The Environmentally Friendly Material for Decking

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Composite decking from Deckorum is a great alternative to regular wood decking. One of the main reasons is that it is much more friendly to use composite decking than regular wood.

The following are reasons why composite decking is much more environmentally friendly than regular decking:

No Cutting Down of Trees

Deforestation is one of the major causes of the environmental devastation being witnessed in the world today. Whether illegal or legal, it is clear than chopping down trees is bad for the environment and its natural habitats.

Material for Decking

Since composite decking does not result in the cutting down of trees, it can obviously be viewed as an environmentally friendly alternative. Any community or people aware of their impact on the environment will choose composite decking over wooden decking.

No Need for Treatment

Traditional decking material is strong but it scars easy. The main way to fix a scuffed deck is to treat the surface. Even when the surface is not damaged, many deck owners will be advised to use surface treatment for the maintenance of their decks.

Surface treatments are done using an incredibly massive number of staining products. These chemicals are not only harmful to people and their pets but also the environment.

Composite decking does not need treatment to retain its color or resist moisture. Therefore, there is no use of harmful treatment chemicals as with traditional decking.

Made from Recycled Material

Composite decking is made completely or close to it from recycled materials. Composite material is often a combination of thermoplastics and wood fibers mixed in different proportions.

All the recycled plastic and reused wood waste that would otherwise find itself in landfills all over the country are instead used productively. The best way to protect the environment is not to treat it harshly in the first place and composite material does just that.

The best composite material is recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and top-notch wood remains from factories. When composite decking is made from virgin plastic and combined with reclaimed wood, you often get very poor-quality composite material.


Composite decking is not only made from recycled material but itself is recyclable once it is done. When you finish using your composite decking, it will not be abandoned at some garbage dump. It will be recycled and once again used as a composite deck by someone else.

There are few things that can result in as little waste to the environment as composite material. The fact that it is made from recyclable material to be recycled itself reduces the chances of it adding to the current environmental degradation.


Since most companies that make composite decks like Decorum are astutely aware of their environmental impact, all the actions by the company will be aimed at reducing it. When delivering composite decks. Companies will ensure that even the packaging is economically friendly.

The packaging will be made of recyclable plastic or any other form of packaging that can be easily reused. Moreover, Decorum will not charge you extra for being environmentally friendly.

Composite decking is one of the ways that the construction industry can be more environmentally friendly. The above reasons show why.


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