What’s the Cost of a New Roof?

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Installing a new roof on your home is likely an expense that you do not want to incur, but when the need comes, it is one that you cannot avoid for long. Furthermore, delaying roof replacement only causes risks to add stress to your day. Nonetheless, the cost of a new roof is one of the first things that you want to know when the need comes. How much money should you expect to spend on a roof?

What Impacts Roof Cost?

There are many factors that impact the cost of your new roof. This includes the roofing materials that you chose, the time of the year that you make the install, size of the roof, the roofing contractors Beaverton Oregon you hire, and even the type of installation you select. To ensure that you do not pay more for your roof than necessary, it is advisable to compare costs.

Get Your Estimates

You can request estimates from several area roofers to find the best prices for your roofing needs. The experts at the roofing companies can discuss the various roofing materials with you and the installation options. They’ll also help you by answering any questions that you might have. Estimates are available at no cost from any roofing company. You shouldn’t hire anyone to complete the job until you’ve requested estimates and compared rates.

Average Costs of a Roof

On average, a new asphalt shingles roof costs about $8,769, although this rate varies considerably according to the job. The asphalt shingles roof is the most popularly installed roof on homes today. The inexpensive cost is one of the biggest reasons that it is preferred by homeowners over other roofing materials. Other roofing materials, like the metal roof, cost more to purchase as well as to install on the home.


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