What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

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So, you are thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover. Maybe you feel that it is about time that you give your kitchen an upgrade. Maybe you want to have that sense of being in a fresh new environment, but you are not sure how much it would cost to do so. Or perhaps you want to start preparing for the renovation expenses but have no idea on just how much each phase of the remodel would cost.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a big and expensive project so be sure to take your time when finding the right contractor for the job. Here in California, there are a lot of contractors to choose from but we eventually found a highly rated home renovation contractor in Oakland who did a fantastic job with our kitchen project.,

The biggest chunk of most kitchen remodels budget is the cabinetwork, depending on the material used and the source. On average, this renovation can cost upwards of 15,000 USD. This figure may go up or down according to other variables, such as the number of units to be installed, the quality of materials to be used, the level of customization, and whether or not you will opt for additional features.

These days most kitchen cabinets feature frosted glass panes with built in LED lights. They can also come with built in racks that can be pulled out or spun for easier access to the stored items. There are also those that feature whisper shut technology so that closing cabinet doors will not be a noisy.

The next consideration you may have is whether or not the cost of all these improvements will be worth it. The traditional approach to cabinetry only treats it as a space to store your cooking staples or a place to hide away your pots and pans and cups and saucers. This mindset has cast the role of the cabinet to purely utilitarian and has led to it being taken for granted or overlooked.

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However, nowadays, cabinets hold much more than a functional role in the kitchen. Cabinets can be an avenue to express the personality of the homeowner and to customize according to the needs of the user. They serve as focal points in the kitchen and has the potential of being great conversational pieces.

Kitchen island in a large family kitchen
Kitchen island in a large family kitchen

In installing cabinets, you have to consider it as if you are investing. Putting in a good quality cabinet can last for a long time and can add value to the home. Ensuring that they are properly anchored to the walls as well as putting in insulators and putting in the necessary treatment for the wood such as termite treatment, waterproof, etc. can ensure that the contents of the cabinets will be safe and free from contaminants.

The number of times you touch your cabinets are so frequent you barely notice it. The convenience and ease that you will get by simply installing high quality cabinets are truly worth it. By putting in something extra in this special part of the house, you can achieve a renewed sense and rejuvenation feeling. It is as if you have purchased a new house altogether.


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