What Are The Worst Habits That Damage Your Plumbing?

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In our day-to-day endeavours, we tend to create activities that may cause harm to our fixtures, regardless if it is in your residential unit or commercial establishment. As a result, it caused so many discrepancies that sometimes it is hard to give a solution; therefore, the overall outcome resulted in a negative factor. We never look at these activities because we thought that is just a regular function that we do daily. Little did we know that it can consistently harm our plumbing system, which may need a blocked drain plumber.

With that in mind, here are a few worst habits that you consistently do to damage your plumbing.

1. Allowing your hairfall to slip through the bathroom drains

One of the most critical activities that you unknowingly do that harms your plumbing system is letting your hair fall to be carried away by water through the bathroom drain. A single hair fall will never hurt but imagine having tons of single hair fall swimming through your drainage, and it will genuinely create a disaster in the long run.

An excellent recommendation from a professional is that you should collect your hair falls, pile them up on one side of the bathroom, and then throw them up on your trash can. With this procedure, rest assured that no hair troubles would cause your plumbing system to be damaged.

2. Throwing things into your toilet like it is a trash bin

Another factor that would critically damage your plumbing system is throwing random things on your toilet then flushing it directly. A few of which are a cigarette, a toothpaste container or a random package box. Rest assured that if you continuously do this activity, rest assured that your plumbing system’s overall outcome will be a disaster.

Hence, it will also lose its value due to the number of disturbances it experienced because of your movement. With that being said, it is crucial to stop it right away in order to preserve the quality of your plumbing system and to prevent calling a blocked drain plumber.

3. Excessive use of drain cleaner

Do not get this factor wrong because using a drain cleaner and doing it on your own is an excellent procedure but, if you do it daily, rest assured that it may cause a negative effect on your plumbing system. You may opt to use your dry cleaners at least twice a month, but you should not exceed that limit. It is an excellent remover for minor clogs, but you never know the damage it brings to the entire sewage if you use it daily. Hence, it may result in more significant clogs on your sewage system, which may result in a replacement.

Several professionals in the field have testified that it is crucial to remember this factor because it is often overlooked, especially if the people have seen the small changes brought by the drain cleaner. Therefore, it would be best to rely on pipe and plumbing tools if you wish to unclog your bathroom or any water system drains.


With that in mind, it is crucial to follow these simple yet critical procedures because they will surely make your plumbing system top-notch. Thus, you may opt to seek a reliable plumbing professional in the long run because they can be the ones to save your day when times get rough regarding your fixtures. Rest assured that these professionals will never disappoint because they have been trained to do the job with the best skills. Therefore, seek the best one in the field and never settle for the bare minimum.


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