Turn One Room Into Two With These Genius Ideas

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Large home interiors are a blessing. Not everyone is lucky enough to stay in a large home in an urban city. If you are among the lucky ones, you should make the most of the space. Leaving empty spaces in large rooms makes them appear incomplete. Although there are many home designing ideas you can come up with for these empty spaces, you can consider splitting the room into two portions as well. This has become a very popular trend in recent years. There are plenty of reasons behind its popularity. To begin with, it helps to add privacy to an area. Moreover, it is a temporary solution. You do not have to build a wall and give it a permanent makeover. As a result, there is always room left for making changes to the space in the future as well. You get lots of options as well. They help to add more visual interest to the space. If you are not sure about how to turn one of your rooms into two, here are a few tips shared by renowned  interior design service providers that will help you:

01 of 04 Wooden screen

Turn One Room Into Two

There are various types of partition designs between the living room and dining room shared by interior design service providers. However, each type has a different set of characteristics and benefits. If you want to give the interiors an elegant touch, opt for wood. A wooden screen will be an amazing addition to any room. The warm and sophisticated look will make guests feel more invited. Also, it will elevate the aesthetic beauty of the space. Since wood is associated with nature, adding wood to interiors creates a calm and relaxed environment. A wood partition is durable and sturdy as well. You do not have to worry about it getting damaged. You get many different options as well while choosing a wooden room divider. Besides a wooden screen, sliding doors or panels are very popular as well. The only issue people face with wood is that it is quite expensive. You may want to avoid it if you are looking for affordable options.

02 of 04 Get curtains

Wood is not for people who want a budget-friendly option. For an affordable and appealing partition, interior design service providers suggest curtains. They are a quick and easy solution if you want to divide any space into two. You can install them almost anywhere you want. They occupy very little space and the installation process is fairly easy. Moreover, they allow you to choose when you want to separate the space and adjoin it again. You can draw the curtains at your convenience. Curtains are great if you want to make the interiors more stylish. They are available in many different colours, shapes, sizes, and designs. Choose one that you not only like but also complements your home decor. Also, look for lighter curtains if you want the light to pass and keep the space well-lit.

03 of 04 Add a shelf or cabinet

If you ever get an opportunity, you should always try to maximise the functionality in your home decor. Adding a partition gives you the opportunity to add more functionality. Hence, you should not opt for dividers that only look good. Instead, look for options that will add functionality. One of the best ways to add a partition is by introducing a shelf or cabinet. A shelf or cabinet will give you space to store various items that will help to keep the interiors clean and organised. There are various items you can keep on the shelf or in the cabinet. Books are one of the most popular choices in most homes. They give the space a sophisticated and elegant feel. However, you can consider other options as well like decorative elements. They will hugely influence the overall look of the home interiors.

04 of 04 Install panels

In many modern homes, floor-to-roof panels are preferred for making a partition between two areas. It is an amazing idea for turning one room into two. You can use them for adding more visual interest to the space also as you can find them in many designs for creating stylish partition designs between the living room and dining room. Hence, you will be able to elevate the look of your home interiors without spending a fortune. One of the biggest benefits of this option is that you can get it customised in your home as per your preferences. Hence, you will be able to ensure that a sufficient gap is available so that light can flow to the other side and brighten up the space. There are various materials used for this purpose like glass, MDF, panels made of wood, etc.


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