Top Ways To Prevent Your Drains From Getting Blocked By Overgrowing Tree Roots

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We all love trees planted in our backyard. They give our yards a natural refreshing feel and make it our favorite go-to place during our good and bad hours. Although, it is truly essential to have plants and trees in our homes and even in our environment tree roots can become a nuisance quite quickly if not taken care of.

The tree roots often grow deeper and block the drainage system and sewers of our home. These roots can damage pipelines that would require extensive repair and a lot of unwanted expenses.

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Tips to keep the tree roots in check and preventing the blockage

If you have clay pipelines in your home, they are more vulnerable to blockages because in the presence of tree roots, these pipelines are constantly exposed to water. Clay gets soft over time and makes for an easy access route for the roots to grow in and cause blockage.

Even when the pipelines are not made of clay, if they are not sealed properly, they can allow for smaller roots to enter that slowly expands inside the pipes to cause blockage.

The following tips will help you in keeping the tree roots in check and enhancing the life of your drainage system:

1. Removing the roots mechanically:

  • Although it is not a permanent solution, it can be helpful if the roots are superficial.
  • Deeper roots can be eliminated by mechanical cutting.

2. Hydro jetting:

  • In this process, pressurized water is passed through the drains with the help of a hydro jetter pump.
  • The pressurized water stream clears away anything that is blocking the drains.
  • It is very effective and very costly at the same time.

3. Using tree root killers:

  • There are different types of root killers such as rock salt and certain herbicides.
  • Rock salt contains copper sulphate that kills the tree roots way before they start growing and penetrating deeper.
  • Applying rock salt-based root killers at all the drain openings can prevent them from getting clogged in the first place.
  • Herbicide-based foaming root killers also kill any present root growth and prevent future re-growth as well.

4. Pipe relining:

  • It is a non-invasive technique to fix damaged pipelines and is quite inexpensive too.
  • Being environmentally friendly, it is amongst the most effective and sought out techniques used by plumbers to cure the damage caused by tree roots.

Apart from this, ensure that if you have trees in your backyard or neighborhood, the pipeline in your house should not be made of clay and should be thoroughly sealed. Regular cleaning of the drains by a professional helps in arresting the problem in the initial stages and can prove to be cost-effective in the long run.


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