Tips for Moving Out of State

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Tips To Make Moving Across State Lines Easier

There are a handful of reasons why you may be moving to a new state; you may have accepted a new job offer or are going to move closer to your family or support system. Whatever the reason for moving across state lines may be, moving out of your current state can be intimidating, not to mention stressful.

Trying to prepare for the move can also be a logistic monster if you are unsure how to prepare properly. The good news is that there are actually several steps you can take to make moving out of state a little easier and as smooth a process as possible.

Tips for Moving Out of State

1.) Use this move as a reason to purge your things

once you have found and bought your new home in a new state, it is time to start going through things you absolutely cannot live without, and things that are excessive and that you know will only clutter your new pace and never get used. Sart the packing process by purging all of the items you do not want to take with you in every room of the home.

A great example is purging all of your winter things if you are moving from a state that is prone to freezing temperatures to a state that is warm most of the year. Once you make your move you will be overly grateful that you have less to take with you and less to unpack once you actually make the move.

2.) pack up your things properly

After you get rid of everything you don’t want or need, the actual packing process can begin. When you are making a move across state lines, it is especially important to pack your things into boxes so they are incredibly organized. Pack your dishes so that they are wrapped and protected should the box fall.

Don’t pack too much stuff into one box making it too heavy to move. When moving over a long distance it is especially important to be as organized and detailed as possible; do this by packing and labeling everything in as detailed a manner as you can so that you know where everything goes in your new home, and if you need something out of a box you can find it quickly.

3.) Hire a reliable long-distance moving company

Long distance moves come with all types of challenges that shorter distance moves don’t necessarily come with. Thankfully, just because there are challenges, it does not mean that you have to face these challenges by yourself.

There are several professional moving companies that specialize in moving people across major long distances. They can help get you just over a state line a few hours away or from one side of the coast to the other coast making sure that they help get all of your things to your new home without any incidents.

Before hiring a long distance moving company, compare companies in your area and check out the customer reviews as well as the rates for each so that you have the best company on your side when making your move.

4.) Get your mail forwarded right before the move happens

Just because you move to a new state your mail does not stop coming! On the day of your move or the day before, call your postal office and tell them where your change of address which will get your mail to where it is supposed to go and will keep you from missing any important mail that is pertinent to your new home!

Moving across state lines is as exciting as it is overwhelming and stressful. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make the move easier and get you on your way to enjoying your new home.


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