Tips for Cleaning Your Home between Professional Carpet Cleanings

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Here are key factors to look for in professional commercial carpet cleaners. Make certain that they:

Tips for Cleaning Your Home between Professional Carpet Cleanings

  • Have certified technicians
  • Use environmentally friendly procedures and cleansers
  • Work at a cost that is economical
  • Effective odor and spot removal systems
  • Treat customers as well as their property with respect
  • Have a satisfaction guarantee
  • Have insurance that your state requires

Between professional carpet cleanings 

In between professional cleaning, there are some things that you can do to keep your house and carpet clean year-round. Sweeping is necessary, but don’t put so much energy into sweeping that you are flipping the broom and send dust flying everywhere. Make sure all the junk is getting into your dustpan and not getting spread everywhere else as well as on your nicely cleaned carpet.

Vacuuming carpet 

When you vacuum your carpet make certain you have a vacuum cleaner with a good filter so that the dirt and dust get into the vacuum cleaner bags and not just predisposed to another area of the carpet.

Tips for dusting 

And when dusting uses a damp rag. Dust will stick to a dust cloth that has been slightly wet better than it will to a dry one. And, in my opinion, don’t use a feather duster – they are the worst at flinging dust all over everywhere. Better to use a damp or dry rag.


Allergens can make many people feel terrible especially in certain seasons of the year. You need to have a haven to get away from the allergens and that should be inside your house. So, don’t leave the windows open – breezes are nice, but they will spread allergens everywhere even your carpet. Use your central air conditioning, if your house is getting stuffy or warm.

And don’t forget to get your carpet professionally clean in about 6 months.


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