Requirements for gardening in your home

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Selection of a site for gardening is the first and the most important thing. The place for the gardening should be selected in such a way that you can daily see that place. If the place is very close to your stay then you can spend a lot of time in the garden. A proper area which have a good sunlight fall on it should be selected as most of the plants of vegetables, fruits requires the sunlight of a minimum of six hours. You should also require the garden tools for planting and also for maintenance. The most important tip while selecting a gardening place is the water supply. Always the best water supplied area should be selected. A pipe should be connected to water the plants whenever required. If you want to check the requirement of water for plants, you need to poke your finger into soil if your finger do not reach at least a inch down into the soil, this indicates the soil is dry and should be watered immediately. The texture of the soil is also an important thing while starting a garden. If the soil is not give spend money on nutrient rich soil and should be grounded to a layer of six to eight inches on the previous soil. This makes the plants to grow well.

gardening in your home

Tools required for gardening:

  • Gloves: The gloves are most important for the individuals who are gardening. The gloves should be of Nitrile coated. These gloves will help you even to pick up the fallen seeds. You should also contain the water proof gloves and also the gloves which can manage the cold temperatures under the soil.
  • Pruners: This tool is used for harvesting the fruits and vegetables. It is also used for clipping the stems of the plants. It is a very important tool for gardening and should be invested in buying it.
  • Trowel: It is used for digging minor holes. The trowel should be selected according to the size of your hand and should be comfortable while using it.
  • Watering gear: The watering gear is a container which is small that can be comfortably carry to water the plants. It has a handle for catching it and also funnel through which water falls.
  • Garden fork: The garden fork is used for digging into the soil for planting the plants.
  • Spade: This tool makes your work easy in gardening. It helps in making holes in the soil, edging and also moving small quantities of dust from one area to other in the garden.

Rake: This tools is used to remove the dried leaves and other dust from the garden areas. The rakes have a huge variety and can be selected by the gardener based on his use.


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