Most Common Damages Raccoons Can Do To Your Home

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One of the infestations that you do not want to deal with is raccoons. They can be messy and damaging to your home. They do not only have the guts to turnover garbage bins and scatter their contents everywhere on your property, but they can cause more damage when they manage to get inside your home. And usually, their favorite spot is youar attic.

So if you know that there are raccoons in your attic and you want to call the experts from Raccoon Removal San Antonio, here are the damages that these animals might have incurred up there.

Urine and Feces

Although raccoon droppings are usually in large piles, they can be spread throughout the area. And when there’s more than one raccoon up there, they can easily make your attic a giant litter box. In fact, the droppings and urine that one raccoon can make are enough to cause serious health concerns. And when she happens to give birth to several babies up there, then it can multiply the problems they can cause.

The raccoons’ feces is one of the most dangerous factors that contribute to some health problems. Baylisascaris can cause roundworms and they are found inside the droppings of the raccoons. And if accidentally ingested by humans it can damage the nervous system and worse, cause death.

Damage on Insulation

Raccoons are heavy. On average, they can weigh around 25 to 30 lb. And because of their weight, they can easily trample and compress the insulation on your attic by simply walking around it. And if it happens that a pregnant raccoon got in, she can compact and clear a large area of the attic as she rests and nurse her pups. And all of this can cause damage to your insulation and therefore, reduce its effectiveness. And attics should be properly insulated. If not, this can cause a surge in your heating and cooling bills.

Why Do the Raccoons Love the Attic?

Raccoons are very intelligent creatures. They are adaptable and have the capability to thrive in any environment. However, they do not construct their own dens. When the female raccoon gets pregnant, she needs to find a warm, dry, and comfortable place where she can give birth and eventually nurse and take care of her pups. And that is what the attics are for them. Also, the attic is a safe haven for babies because it is out of reach from other predators. That is why raccoons feel at ease of living alongside humans.

Removing Raccoons From the Attic

Completely removing the raccoons from the attic of your home is not going to be easy. If you do not have the knowledge and skills on how to do it right, it is best to leave the job to the experts. They are experienced in dealing with these creatures, especially if they have given birth up there. When they did, it is crucial that not only the mother but all the pups should be removed in the most humane way possible. If you only remove the mother, the young can end up starving to death. And dead bodies in your attic can cause a foul smell that can last for days up to a week. That is why it is crucial to call the experts to help you with raccoon problems at home.


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