Mark Roemer Oakland Examines How to Get Great Deals on Home Renovation Supplies

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According to Mark Roemer Oakland, everyone wants to keep more cash in their wallet and that becomes especially important during big purchases. Big purchases are all you do while renovating your home. Let’s check out how you can get great deals on home renovation supplies and save yourself some money.

The Deals

1. Go to Mom-and-Pop stores

Home Renovation Supplies

Compared to websites and chains owned by large corporations, independent stores have more control over their sale price. You’ll rarely meet the manager of a local Walmart and even if you do, he or she can’t give you a lower discount than the set corporate sale price. For instance, if you want to buy pricey power tools, check out all the deals at large chains and big websites and then visit your local independent retailers.

You’ll be able to ask the store managers or owners of local independent shops for an extra discount. Managers and owners would be glad to oblige you since it shows that you’re very serious about buying the tools. You may be able to shave off an extra 10 to 15 percent from the sale price. However, make sure to not parade around discounts from big retailers and wholesalers. Successful negotiators know that it always starts with a respectful conversation.

2. Visit Reuse centers

Reuse centers aren’t just repositories for used items. These non-profit organizations are party-time recycling facilities. That’s why you can often find new items like bathroom sinks and kitchen cabinets here. Usually, designers and builders dump their job-site surplus at these sites for a tax deduction and these centers sell those supplies to the general public for a drastically slashed rate.

However, you need to time it right to score good deals. Renovation and construction are slow during the months of November through January. A lot of inventory piles up during this time and people visit these places less often. That means you have a wide selection to choose from and may even get lower rates since the centers are trying to get rid of their inventory.

3. Get package deals

When you’re buying bathroom fixtures for all the bathrooms in your home or upgrading the trims for different rooms, try to buy everything from one place. If you buy pieces from different retailers, you won’t get the leverage you have while bundling your purchases.

When you bundle your purchases, you become a big fish that needs to be scored. With a large order, you get more negotiation power to lower the prices significantly. Some retail managers may even offer you free delivery and an extended service plan with that. Some stores go above and beyond and offer free home appliances like a microwave, a blender, and more.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to score more bargains and go above and beyond those promo codes and coupons. After you make your online purchases with lucrative credit card deals, make sure to try out your luck at retailers and reuse centers.


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