How To Winterize Your Garage

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How To Winterize Your GarageChicago winters are known for their cold temperatures, high winds, and even higher snowbanks. Protecting your home from the harsh winter weather comes naturally, but have you thought about what you need to do to ensure your garage is safe? Whether you use it to store your vehicles or you simply want to ensure the extension of your home isn’t letting in cold air, these tips will help you protect your garage.

Weatherize the Building

The first defense against cold air seeping into your garage is weatherization. Weather stripping becomes brittle over time, which causes it to shrink. Replace the weather strips and add caulk around your doors and windows to ensure tight seals that don’t let the cold wind into your garage. Be sure that your door’s cables and rollers are well-lubricated, so they close completely when you move your car in and out of the space.

Refinish Your Garage Floor

Trekking in and out of your garage when there’s snow on the ground makes the floor slushy and wet. Durable, slip-resistant coatings like an epoxy garage floor Chicago adds traction to make it less likely that you slip and fall. Additionally, it helps to ensure your tires have enough traction so that your vehicle doesn’t slip and slide as you pull into the garage.

Protect Your Tools and Chemicals

Cold weather can wreak havoc on the items in your garage, so make sure to protect them well. If you have car batteries or other spare parts, wrap them in insulation to keep them from freezing, cracking, and becoming unusable. Metal tools should be stored in a toolbox or drawer that keeps them from accumulating moisture. Finally, store any chemicals or other liquids in temperature-controlled spaces to prevent them from freezing.

Seal the Small Spaces

Even the smallest spaces allow cold air to make its way into your garage. Electrical outlets are a major culprit of this. If your garage has them, invest in a fire-blocking caulk that you can use to seal up the spaces around the outlets.

Winterizing your garage in Chicago is imperative for keeping you and your family safe, your vehicles working well, and the entirety of your home comfortable. In addition to making things safer, proper weatherization methods can help you save money by conserving energy. While you can do some of these tasks yourself, be sure to call a professional for the big jobs.


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