How is metal roofing beneficial for Canadian climate?

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Winters could be a matter of concern for a lot of homeowners in Canada. After all, a normal homeowner spends around 1 to 5% of their house value on the repairs and maintenance of their house every year. A metal can help you in winterizing your home easily. Along with it, it also helps in enhancing the longevity of your roof. Yes, metal roofs last longer than a lot of roofing materials. Now you can buy metal roofs in different shapes, sizes and textures which actually resemble the traditional roofing materials. They are also available in pre-designed panels. Some of the types of metal roofs available are copper, stainless steel, zinc and aluminium.

If you are looking for a new roof for your house, then the best question here is to know why metal roofing Edmonton is recommended for Canadian climate and why you should go for it.


Metal roofs are extremely strong and long lasting. While shingle roofs can warp and buckle after getting damaged by water and even collapse due to the excessive weight of the snow, metal roofs on the contrary stand far more pressure and are immune to water damages if installed in the right manner. Metal roofing lasts for years and shed snow very easily that you won’t even need to clear it and even if you have to clear it, there is nothing like pulling off the shingles or anything. Metal roofs can be installed through snow shields to prevent ice and snow from falling all together. It also comes with roof heaters which can melt snow and ice which falls on the roof

Energy efficient

As per the words of metal roofing manufacturers, these roofs help in lowering the energy consumption of your house to a great extent. A lot of manufactures claim that metal roof has sunlight deflection and solar heating properties. It is said that it lowers the cooling cost up to 25%. Researchers have also found that there is a fall of flow of heat of around 45% with metal roofing. So, it helps to save a lot on your utility bills.

All year installation

Some roofing material may not be recommended for installation during winter season, but metal roofing is different. You can easily winterize your home with metal roof. Once the snow has been shovelled and installation has been staged, the expert installers can easily install the roof without any compromise of their service and quality. As metal panels neither bend nor break or crack in extreme cold weather, they are perfect for installation during winters.

Low cost maintenance

The metal roofs last for around 40 to 70 years. While the traditional asphalt roofing materials only have a life expectancy of 12 to 20 years, metal roofs can last a lifetime. You literally don’t have to worry about the damage of water, fire and any other harsh climatic condition.

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So, this is a major reason why people of Canada prefer to go for a metallic roof for their home. It offers them a priceless lifetime security.


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