Getting Your Home Prepared for a Winter Storm

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When the weather storm issues a warning of a winter storm, you must take steps to get prepared. Your safety is the most important thing, and it takes some preparation to get everything around your home ready. You must take the recommendations from your state and local authorities seriously. Consider these ways to get your home ready in preparation for an approaching winter storm.

Getting Your Home Prepared for a Winter Storm

Have Your Pipes Inspected

The last thing you want during a winter blackout is for your pipes to freeze and burst. This can lead to a major clean up after the fact. If you have time before the storm moves in, call plumbing services Geneva IL to have your pipes inspected. They may recommend that you leave some faucets in your home dripping. This helps keep water circulating through the pipes so that they are less likely to freeze.

Cover Your Faucets

Another way to prevent pipes from freezing is to cover your outdoor faucets. Most hardware stores will have foam covers that you can secure over the faucets. These covers are often reusable; just make sure that there are no breaks or holes in the foam. These covers keep the faucets much warmer than they would be if exposed to the harsh elements.

Get Alternative Sources of Heat

During a winter storm, power outages can occur due to the amount of ice on the power lines. If your home only has electric sources of heat, this can quickly turn into a problem. If possible, try to install a gas heater in your home before a winter storm happens; you never know when you might need it. At the very least, invest in a battery-operated space heater.

Stock Up on Food Essentials

If you do not have a gas stove, it can be next to impossible to heat food if your electricity goes out. You should stock up on shelf-stable food that you do not have to heat. Crackers, peanut butter, canned tuna and fruit can all be good options. Make sure that you choose a variety of foods just in case you are stuck inside for a few days.

When you hear about a winter storm on the television or radio, do not immediately dismiss it. If your area is going to be experiencing lower temperatures than normal, you should prepare yourself. In the event of a winter blackout, you will be glad that you took precautions.


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