Garden House: Best Options for You

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When can you say that arranging your garden will fully satisfy you? Most likely when you can admire the richness of the plants you have worked hard to grow and maintain, whether we are talking here about tomato and pepper seedlings, or we are talking about the beauty of rose bushes.

A perfect neighbourhood. Houses in suburb at Spring in the north America.

But you must not forget the little helpers in the garden, which can make your work easier and considerably enrich the quality of the soil: today we will focus on the earth frames.

About the importance of earth frames in the gardena

According to organic farming expert, “there is no animal in the world that is more important to the health of the earth, plants, animals and people than the frame.Frames are part of the category of organisms that can transform debris and waste into humus (humus, mixture of amorphous organic substances in the soil, which conditions its fertility and which results from the transformation of plant material under the action of microorganisms). The frame is a hermaphroditic animal (an individual is both male and female), but it must mate for procreation. It can reach up to 600 offspring annually, especially in breeding conditions. Simply visit this site for the best deal.

Moreover, the frames help to increase the porosity of the soil, thus to a better aeration of the plant roots. As the expert explains, “the many channels that permeate the ground have walls impregnated with a sticky secretion, which gives them resistance. Through these channels the soil aerates, increases its water retention capacity and facilitates the penetration of the roots.” In other words, frames are the natural windbreaker of spade-type gardening tools, which are also only recommended if a pit is dug or planted. The spade destroys the frames and brings the soil layers in an unnatural order. Thus, aerobic bacteria from the soil surface are transferred to depth, while anaerobic ones are subjected to the harmful action of oxygen from the surface.

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The frames consume organic matter which they then excrete, thus delivering “the most precious fertilizer for our crops, the so-called clay-humic complex. In the conditions of a soil with normal density, their annual fertilizer contribution is 20 t / ha, without taking into accounts other benefits.”The frames abound in soils at temperatures of approx. 21 ° C, with moderate humidity. Keep in mind that extreme temperatures and soils that are either too dry or too humid prevent good frame activity in the garden.

The Right frames in the garden

 Another benefit of earthworms is that they help fight diseases such as rape and powdery mildew on fruit trees, because “they pull large amounts of diseased leaves from the tree into the ground. Passing them through their intestines, the frames destroy the pores or resistance organs of the fungi.”And since we have shown how earth frames become a reliable aid in the garden, let’s see how we can promote the development of these animals. Permanently covering the soil with a layer of organic matter keeps the frames in the surface layer of the soil, protecting them from birds. In addition, the elimination of chemical fertilizers protects not only the frames, but also other living things from the ground.


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