Buy Best Floor Sweepers for Your Home

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Floor cleaning is essential to maintain hygiene and well-being of you and your family. The floor contains dirt, grid, dead skin, bacteria, pet hair, dust mites and other organic and inorganic substances. So floor cleaning on a regular basis is essential for hygienic living standard. You can clean the floor with old fashioned broom and dustpan, but floor sweepers are more effective, easy to use and comfortable in handling. Demand for cordless floor sweeper is rising day by day.

Buy Best Floor Sweepers for Your Home

Factors to consider

Floor Sweepers should be versatile, durable and economical. Most of the floor sweepers are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic which makes it durable, lightweight and ecologically friendly. Check on the price of those sweepers over the internet and buy a reasonable one. Most of the sweepers are portable and clean every corner of your house. The electrostatic rotating brush picks up strands of hairs r strings from the floor or carpet. The best floor sweeper come with dual dustpans which helps you cleaning for longer period of time.

Electrostatic charge

The natural bristle brushes create an electrostatic charge. This static electricity picks up dirt, pet hairs, sand and even small glass pieces. They come with a detachable handle which can be removed to make it shorter, allowing a child to help in the cleaning process. It is made of sturdy light metal with a vinyl bumper attached to it to avoid damage while cleaning. The width of the cleaning surface is 9 inch and weighs less than 3 pounds. Bright white and red, fresh mint, rich golden colors of the sweepers, sweeps away the monotony of cleaning.

Some models use quad brush technology that is the brush rotates at 4000rpm (rotation per minute). The newer version has 33percent more power than the older one due to improved technology. The brushes effectively collect hairs and debris both from floor and carpet. It is very lightweight, less than 2 pounds. This model has inbuilt 7.2V battery which gets quickly charged. Once you fully charge the battery, it lasts for 55-65 minutes. It comes with a 90 days warranty.


Some cordless floor cleaners come with innovations like folding and back saver handle. This feature permits you to clean underneath of cabinets and furniture without stopping and bending. The motorized brushes have two operation speed option. The 18-volt battery can function for an hour. The bins can contain two quarts of dirt which help you in prolonged cleaning process without spilling it out frequently. The Best Floor Sweeper comes with added features which allows you to clean the floors of your house in less time and with less effort.

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