A Simple Guide To Clean And Maintain Your Leather Sectional Sofa

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If you love the thought of buying a leather sectional sofa yet you are scared of the complexity of its cleaning and maintenance process, we got you covered. Many homeowners prefer leather sofas not only because of its classic and versatile look but also because of its durability. As long you bought a high-quality leather sofa and you know how to maintain it, your furniture can last for years.

This means that purchasing a leather sofa with your 1 stop bedrooms promo code is a practical decision. If left uncleaned, a simple stain can ruin the overall look of your leather sofa. You should learn how to preserve it before you even buy one for your home. So how do you maintain it? Here’s what you need to know:

For Common Spills

There’s no need to call a professional cleaning company to help you with the spill stains on your leather sofa. All you need is to make a simple concoction – water and vinegar. Just mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a clean container or bowl. Make sure that you wiped off any dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner before you start the process. Dip a soft cloth into this solution and wring it out. It should not be soaking wet. Then wipe the dirty areas then follow up with a dry cloth.

For Grease Stains

If your family loves to lounge comfortably on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie, there is a great possibility that the grease on the popcorn will end up on your sofa. Here’s how to remove that difficult stains. All you need is to sprinkle just a tiny bit of baking soda to the stain. Let it soak the grease for a couple of hours. Once absorbed, wipe the remaining grease with a soft cloth. Use a damp cloth and wipe the dirty areas followed by a dry soft cloth.

For Ink Stains

If your kid accidentally spilled ink on your precious leather sofa, or maybe you did it, know that accidents happen. Do not wait longer because it would be more difficult to remove. What you can do is to soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Dab the ink stain gently until it starts to lift. You can dab more rubbing alcohol if it’s difficult to remove the stain. Using a soft cloth, pat dry the area.

Tips To Condition Your Leather Sofa

If you want to keep your leather sofa soft and supple, you need to condition it once or twice a year. Do not overdo it because it can also be detrimental to the leather. What you need is to mix equal parts of vinegar and natural oil in a clean bowl. You can use lemon oil or the flaxseed oil for better results. Using a soft cloth, make it damp with the solution and gently wipe the surface of your sofa. Leave it overnight. The next day, wipe it down using a fresh, dry cloth.

Do not get intimidated by leather. If you are planning to buy the Ballinasloe Gray LAF Sectional soon, make sure that you fully understand the simple tips in caring for your leather sofa. This way, you know that you are ready for this type of sofa fabric.


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