How To Prevent Your Basement From Flooding

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If your home is located on a decline and water pools in or around your property during heavy rainfall, it is likely that your basement has flooded at some point. Your basement serves a very important purpose and likely contains things that are important to you and hold sentimental value. Flooding can cause a considerable amount of water damage to your possessions and taking every necessary step to avoid this is crucial to ensuring that it never happens. IF you have been trying to find ways that you can protect your basement from excessive water damage, here are a few measures that you should take to do so.

Waterproofing –

The lining of your foundation is the gateway to your basement. Although you can’t see these small opening, a compromised foundation seal offers entry to troublesome and unwanted guests like rodents, termites, and of course, large amounts of water. As long as you apply a seal of exterior waterproofing to the perimeter of your foundation, nothing should be able to enter your basement. You should always make sure that your home is properly sealed to prevent things such as this.

Gutters –

Your gutter system is what diverts water flow from the roof away from the surrounding area of your home. You should inspect the outside of your home to ensure that your gutters and other water diversion systems are functioning, clear of clutter or jams, and are properly aligned and anchored to your house.

Troubleshooting –

If you are able, you should try to locate the area of your yard that allows water to pool in large amounts that will eventually lead to your basement. You can alter the gradient of your yard so that rain doesn’t cause large pools to form and flood your basement or cause other kinds of water damage.


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